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The Schminty app was designed by collectors, for collectors. We wanted to have one app where we could index, value, and talk about our favorite collections. With your bad ass dashboard, you will be able to upload every product in your collection by using upc codes and then get an averaged price of what that item is selling for today on your favorite platforms. Now it's easier than ever to value what you value most!

 What we did  For Schminty


Sometimes we like to imagine solutions that no one has asked for yet, but would make some part of life easier.  If you are a collector, this app will resonate with you.  We developed the Schminty concept one of our founders sat down and tried to categorize one of his collection.


ZedaPro is a founding partner as well as an executive managing partner of Schminty.  We work on big picture planing as well as workflow management, marketing strategies, and company culture.


Our vision for Schminty is simple.  Keep is as cheap as possible and help make as many collectors lives as easy as we can through the constant innovation of our platform and concept. 

What is our Plan For Schminty


We plan on launching the Schminty App in mid to late 2019 after we are finished with all of the back end logic and framework we are currently developing.


We chose and app over a website because of the unlimited scaling opportunities in the application space.  To take this one step further, Schminty will me a PWA, our favorite kind of App.


Over the first several months after launch, Schminty will work to carve out its place in the app market and through marketing help with partners like iWear Solutions and Argus Major, grow its user base every quarter.