Red Wolf Exclusives

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RedWolf Exclusives is one of our ventures into personal branding.  The artist Nate Johnson wanted to create custom pieces of art that other collectors would enjoy too. 


Here is an expert from the Red Wolf website from Nate:

"I wanted to find a creative outlet to help manage by work life balance.  So I started watching youtube channels and found some awesome projects to work on.  Pretty quick after that, a designer buddy said I should start an Etsy shop and sell the custom DL-44 Blasters I was working on.  People must like the price and quality because I sold 40 blasters the first year!  Now I work on what ever I find.  Toy Hunting clearance items and finding really cool pieces on ebay has given me a pretty much endless supply of projects.  Check out my Instagram to follow all the stuff I work on at the warehouse and find out what new listing I am offering on my Etsy." 

What we did For Red Wolf


RedWolf is essentially an Etsy Shop, an Instagram, and a Facebook Page.  At ZedaPro, we make the decisions about Social Media Marketing, Social Media expansion and web presence.


ZedaPro provides seed money for projects as well as marketing money for social blast.  We work on big picture planing as well as workflow management, project strategies, and new, creative avenues to work in.


Our vision for RedWolf Exclusives is to make the artist behind the work, Nate, a known prop fabricator and artist on Social media and to drive as much traffic to the Red Wolf Exclusives Etsy Store as we can.

What is our Plan For Red Wolf


We plan on launching a Red Wolf Exclusives Youtube channel in 2019 and feature how to tutorials, and project progressions of some of the items available on the Etsy Store.


This is not a brand we want to scale right away.  We have no problem buying any collectable for Red Wolf to customize.  We want to maintain the unique style and handmade quality of the work.


We plan on expanding into 3D printing in mid 2020. By doing this, we will allow Red Wolf to open up their product offerings and customize truly unique, one of a kind items.