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What if someone devised and developed a company that truly was centered around GIVING? What if someone felt so passionately about the act of giving and the positive benefits of living a giving lifestyle that they crafted a corporate entity around giving people tools to give, TEACHING them why giving is so beneficial to them, all while connecting large companies and celebrities with non profits for maximum IMPACT?  These were questions that were brought to ZedaPro when we started talking about Geared2Give. No other company we work with fits out core mantra like Geared2Give fits.  We are proud to be a founding partner with a major stake in this intuitive, world changing company. 

We spent the first threes years developing and mapping the main framework of what Geared2Give has become.  ZedaPro also serves on the board of directors as well as holding one executive position.  





What we did For Geared2Give


ZedPro provides Geared2Give with back-end platform framework as well as front end design, site mapping, campaign design, and brand consistency. 


ZedaPro is a founding partner as well as an executive managing partner of Geared2Give.  We work on big picture planing as well as workflow management, marketing strategies, and company culture.


When founding Geared2Give, we decided that we would have mandatory brainstorming meetings with our other managing partners weekly.  In doing this, we keep our ideas fresh and work on staying 5 years into the future of Geared2Give.

What is our Plan For Geared2Give


We have a very specific vision for Geared2Give.  Before we even bought the url, we planned out the first three phases of our business structure.  We are planing on Geared2Give making a huge impact on the giving market and the giving industry as a whole.


One thing we always look for in our portfolio companies is ways to scale their processes and help them expand their money model. With Geared2Give, since we are a founding partner, we were able to infuse scaling into the core structure so as we take more and more market share, the company can handle the volume and stay competitive.


As mentioned earlier, we have set up three phases of expansion for Geared2Give and are excited to execute each phase.  Geared2Give is set to grow rapidly once we implement out bottom up style of user campaigns, giving anyone the ability to run a campaign for themselves, a friend or family member, or charity of their choice.