We Give is what we call our Community Impact program. We began our official PurposeDriven initiative, in 2019 by donating products or services each month to a different cause. Many of our clients saw this and asked if we would help them find ways of giving in their communities. Of course, we said YES! This has grown into a standard program to help ALL ZedaPro clients to become Givers and have a positive impact in their communities and receive good positive marketing for these programs. 

There are 2 components to iGive, ZedaPro Giving and Client Giving.


ZedaPro Giving

Each month ZedaPro picks a solution-based cause to provide ZedaPro Products or Services to. We define "Solution-based" as an organization or a cause that is actually, currently, solving a problem. This could be anything from emergency aid to metrically lowering hunger or unemployment in a certain area. The main criteria is there must be some kind of measurable difference for us to get involved. As part of every single project, we take on, built into that project is a budget to help fund Zeda's Purpose Driven Giving. This budget comes from our profit keeping our pricing competitive, instead of raising our prices to fund it. So by default, every client of iWear Solutions is automatically Purpose Driven and helping to fund positive cause-based organizations nation-wide.


Client Giving

The second part of We Give is our Client Giving. This is a very exciting program that we are pioneering, and it is unique in our industry.

In addition to ZedaPro itself giving to causes, we now infuse "Cause-Marketing" into every one of our Annual Client packages, and most of our individual projects. By attaching our clients to causes inside their customer demographic, we have made this a standard piece of our marketing. We utilize this connection to accomplish two simultaneous goals.


1. To get the client in the habit of giving directly to the communities they operate in, thus creating more "Givers" in the world.

2. Getting our clients the very best marketing exposure for their dollars. With this philosophy processes like our R.A.K (Random Acts of Kindness) were developed to help increase word of mouth marketing, the most effective marketing in the world.


Members of causes are up to 3 times more likely to promote a product or service if it supports a cause the user is passionate about, so We Give just makes sense. 


Each year, ZedaPro seeks out and connects with 12 very special, Solution-based NPO's who are effecting change in their community, with the goal of finding ways to help them further their purpose. Sometimes this is in the form of ZedaPro Products, Services, donations, or in connecting our For-Profit clients with them for mutual benefit. 


The type of gift we provide is chosen specifically for each cause and their current needs. Right in the beginning, we discovered, offering our specialized review and provision of our unique products & services was far more valuable than money alone. We found that many causes don't know how to seek out professional assistance, so our goal became to add value by doing what we do best...

Provide Purpose Driven Solutions.

ZedaPro uses our expertise to approach and analyze each cause, find an area we can help in, and provide that product or service. 


If you have a Non-profit in mind that could use some of our products, email us and let us know who to reach out to so we can find the best solution for them.


We Give 


Every month, ZedaPro chooses one of our 12 Non-profits, analyzes it, finds an area we can assist in, and provides something from our unique Product list.


The receiving Non-Profit might benefit from hard goods like a batch of screen-printed tee shirts, a set of embroidered polos for their executive board or custom etched Contigo mugs.

Or they may be more in need of a website refresh, a new logo, or a 30-second commercial to market their cause.  


No matter what product need will best serve the cause, ZedaPro loves providing these items while helping the great causes of the communities we do business in.


If you have a Non-profit in mind that could use some of our products, email us and let us know whom to reach out to so we can find the best solution for them.




Every month, ZedaPro chooses one of our 12 Non-profits, analyzes it, finds an area we can assist in, and provides something from our unique Services list.


The receiving Non-Profit might benefit from Marketing like Social Media, AdWords, or an Inbound campaign.

Or they may be more in need of an E-Commerce solution, custom Merchandise fulfillment, a Sales funnel creation or help with Fund Development.


No matter what service will best serve the cause, ZedaPro loves providing these items while helping the great causes of the communities we do business in.


If you have a Non-profit in mind that could use some of our products, email us and let us know who to reach out to so we can find the best solution for them.



We Give



For-Proft organizations + Non-Profit Organizations


What better form of promotion can a company engage in than helping a community impacting NPO? At ZedaPro, we believe that the best thing we can do to effect real change is to get everyone on the same page. We connect companies,

organizations, resources, and give them a voice through marketing. 


We Give is not just about providing tax-write offs and PR to our clients. It's about enabling Non-Profits to work hand in hand with For-Profit companies to reach hearts and change minds about traditional philanthropy. By purposing some of ZedaPro's revenue to provide a variety of Products and Services to deserving causes, we have created a fun and productive social experience that speaks to iWear's core purpose. And by further encouraging our For-Profit clients to do the same AND providing them with very effective mechanisms to do so, we have added double value. First we've taught them how to impact their communities, and second, we've made it easy for them to do so by facilitating the programs.


If you know a Non Profit we should work with, please email us and let us know who they are and who we should talk to.


We Give


R.A.K. stands for Random Acts of Kindness.

It is basically a fancy "pay-it-forward" style campaign, combined with social media and the reach and resources of ZedaPro.


Here's how it works:

  1. Each week, we pick a new RAK and start it off.

  2. A member of the ZedaPro Staff takes the first action.

  3. ZedaPro promotes it on Social Media.

  4. You take it from there and take the next action.

  5. You promote it on Social Media.

  6. Your friend and family duplicate and so on...


ZedaPro encourages ALL its clients to participate. 

We have secret Random Rewards for ZedaPro Staff, Clients, and individuals that participate. They may include things as small as an ZedaPro Client tee or hat, to a free or service, to an entire ZedaPro Annual Package. (You'll have to participate tp find out)



Some R.A.K Examples we may challenge you to do:

  • Pay for a strangers coffee

  • Smile say Hello to 10 people in 10 minutes 

  • Anonymously pay $25.00 for the next person's groceries

  • Pay a genuine compliment to a difficult co-worker

  • Tip a server 100%


There are literally thousands of possibilities. 

You'll just have to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and see what the RAK item for the week is. RAK is just another fun and creative to practice We Give in our daily lives.

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"Just imagine the buzz that your customers will begin to spread organically when they find out that  their purchases at your business are making an incredible difference in their communities"  

Purpose Driven began as a marketing idea, a way to maximize value.

It became the entire underlying philosophy of ZedaPro.


When we started ZedaPro it was meant to simply sell merchandise like tees and hats to NPO's. Then as the need grew the services grew. As the services grew the customer base grew beyond NPO's to For-Profit companies. Merchandise turned into online stores, which turned into Social Media Marketing, which turned into high-end web design, marketing, and more.


Not wanting to lose our original goal of helping people we decide to come up with a way to encourage ALL of our For-Profit customers to unite with our Non-Profit customers.

The idea was simple:

  • Non-profits need Corporate Donors

  • For-Profits need the tax write off's and like Positive community PR.

  • We have relationships with both so... The idea of connecting them just made sense. 


So we came up with the Purpose Driven Philosophy, to entice For-Profits to want to connect with our Non-Profit clients. We asked a few simple questions:


  1. Do you like positive PR?

  2. Do you like other people spreading the word about you for FREE?

  3. Do you like your clients and customers talking about their positive experience to everyone they know?

  4. Most importantly, do you enjoy knowing that you are creating real and lasting change in the lives of the members of your community? 


The overwhelming response was YES, we love those things. So we began to connect companies with NPO's. As relationships grew, iWear Merchandise Company became iWear Solutions, a comply that provides whatever solution you need to grow, reach your goals, and give back to your community. The Purpose Driven philosophy needed to grow to keep up with the business growth and continue to empower the Purpose Driven philosophy.  We decided to turn a philosophy into an actual program. We call the program Give. 


Now every ZedaPro client is automatically Purpose Driven by our own Give monthly giving, on their behalf. Additionally, we teach and encourage Employee Engagement programs with ALL of our For-Profit clients, and lastly, we facilitate Solution based philanthropic events that join together the best of all worlds; the Org, the Donor, and the recipient. 


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