We guarentee our work so you recieve the Solution you need


ZedaPro provides high-end products and services to clients ranging from a hundred tees shirts to 6 figure websites and 7 figure marketing campaigns. We have project management, proofing, and software systems to minimize the possibility that a client will change their mind on a product or service mid-project, to minimize the possibility of an incorrect client file making it through to manufacture or in print, and to minimize the possibility of a miscommunication between us and our clients. However, no system, or individual, is 100% perfect. That is why iWear guarantees our work. 


If we make a mistake we fix it.

If you make a mistake, we fix it.

If you're just not happy, we do our best to fix it.


We believe in solving problems, not dwelling on them.

We believe in providing Purpose Driven Solutions to any project. 

If you have a problem working with us, please refer to our policies below,

and contact us immediately so we can provide a Solution.





  • ZedaPro guarantees delivery of its contracted services 100%.*

  • If services offered are not preformed they will not be billed.

  • If services performed do not yield desired or expected results listed in the agreement, they will not be billed.

  • If at any time ZedaPro is not performing to our client's satisfaction, we allow termination of an annual agreements**


  • ZedaPro guarantees the price, quality, and delivery of ALL of its products.

  • Product orders can be canceled for a full refund at any time up until the point of manufacture. 

  • After Manufacture, if a product is not made correctly and Zeda is at fault, we will re-manufacture product until it is right.

  • After Manufacture, if a product is not made correctly and the client is at fault, ZedaPro will re-manufacture the product until the product is approved by the client at 50% of the cost of additional labor.***

  • * Guarantee of performance is defined as "performed as detailed in the product, service, or annual agreement". All contract language governs applicable performance, metrics, expectations, and remedies. 

  • ** Methods of termination of Annual or other agreements are listed in each agreement. 

  • *** Additional materials costs will be billed to the client.