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We are excited to share iWear Solutions was bought out by Geared2Give in 2019. The marketing company was purchased for $3 Million Dollars and will continue working with clients under the new name, Geared2Give Business Services.



Let our team be YOUR TEAM!

iWear Solutions provides Business Solutions for small, medium, large businesses, and NPO's (Non-Profit Organizations).


We provide a range of Products and Services including:

  • Traditional, Social Media, and Online Marketing

  • Website & App Design, Development, and Management

  • Brand & Logo design

  • Custom Design, Layout, and Printing

  • Video Development & Production

  • Custom Apparel & Merchandise

  • Online Store Development, Management, & Fulfilment 

  • Event Design, Development, & Management

  • Non-Profit Fund Development



We offer individual project pricing and annual service agreements. Annual packages increase productivity by as much as 50% and save up to 20% of standard pricing.


Learn more about Annual Packages  HERE >

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What we did For iWear


Since the conception of iWear, ZedaPro has had a major influence on the branding and design of iWear's marketing including the new website and current logo.


ZedaPro is a founding partner as well as an executive managing partner of iWear.  We work on big picture planing as well as workflow management, marketing strategies, and company culture.


When we founded iWear, along with SYTL the other founding partner, we started as a merchandise company who mainly printed tee shirts. We had the vision of what iWear is today then and strive to grow that vision daily.

What is our Plan For iWear


In the next few years, we have major growth planned for iWear.  We spend the better part of two years developing a truly unique, exciting ReSeller Program to empower anyone to sell our solutions.


Through out iWear's journey into web design and marketing, there has always been a cap on how many sites they can work on at once.  Starting in 2019, that cap is gone and we can handle 5-500 sites a month through our iWeb Platform.


We have laid out a 24 month expansion plan for iWear starting in 2019's first quarter. This plan is a direct extension of the ReSeller Program and its Solutions Managers, setting up remote iWear Shops in all 50 states.