Custom Apparel is a key to separating your Brand and your Message from all the marketing noise out there.

The right clothing can spread awareness, create online activity, even increase fundraising campaign results. 


We specialize in apparel designs that meet your specific purpose and goals.

Utilizing high-end screen printing, embroidery, design, and finishes for your brand maximize your impact and your sales.


Our team will work with you to make sure we understand your specific purpose and meet your apparel needs.


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We specialize in premium, retail quality screen printing.  With over 20 years of experience in merchandising, ZedaPro can help you develop your apparel program for your brand, business, or organization to maximize your exposure and merchandise ROI.  


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Let our Team be YOUR TEAM, and help your grow customer loyalty.

Below is a list of some of our screen printing options.  


  • Standard inks
  • Retail Vintage inks
  • Up to 12 color prints (300 pc minimum)
  • Halftone Prints and Designs
  • Air dry inks
  • Simulated process
  • 4 color process
  • Heat transfers (vinyl & ink)


ZedaPro can source, print, embroider, and ship virtually type of item you can think to sell. From cups to stadium seats, from flags to knives, from stickers to cell phone cases.

These items make great marketing tools or rewards for fundraisers!  


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If you want to put your logo on it, iWear can do it!


  • Fundraising Piggy Banks
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Golf Balls
  • Packaging
  • Welcome Packs
  • Employee Engagment
  • Under $1 hand outs
  • Celebrity Merchandise
  • Glassware

Applique is a technique where we stitch fabric cutouts of your design/text and stitch them directly to your garment. We have several styles available from distressed to crisp clean edges. Applique can only be stitched on thicker, more rigid garments (i.e. sweatshirts) due to the weight of the material being applied and the number of stitches required to apply it. There is a 48 piece minimum for this process.  Get Started >

•   12 piece minimums

•   Large quantity discounts



We specialize in direct embroidery on garments. Whether you are looking for your logo to be stitched on a jacket, towel or hat, ZedaPro will deliver. The largest design we are able to embroider is 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches. We are able to stitch up to 15 colors in one design.  We have the ability to produce 3D embroidery also known as Puff embroidery. Adding a 3D texture really makes your brand stand out from your competition. We also have several stock fonts available that will save you costs in set up charges.




Did you know that:


- Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

- 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others.

- Last year 232 Million Americans viewed landing page videos.

- ZedaPro can make you a custom video in 48 hours, for as little as $299!




For Businesses & Startups

For Professionals

For Training & Education

Whether you're an established business or a hot new startup, ZedaPro makes it easy for you to create the videos your business needs to grow awareness and brand loyalty.


Video is the fastest growing category in online advertising and marketers all around are taking notice. Start growing your audience with video!


Captivate your audience/students with the power of video! Have ZedaPro make you a custom animated video presentation that keeps your students and staff engaged and make learning new material fun!

Let's put your video together now.  
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ZedaPro has created intuitive revenue generating Giving programs that allow you to create awesome custom merchandise for any campaign. We work with you to show potential givers how they can help tell your compelling story, by wearing your custom designed merch, posting pre-made social media updates, even getting others to donate, wear merch, and share as well.



We will help you utilize your social networks and spread the word about your fundraiser to friends, family, and other potential givers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and other channels. Did you know each share is worth $37 on average! Did you know that campaigns with merch raise up to 35% more funds?



ZedaPro can manage your online store for you, produce your custom merch, and ship it directly to your supporters. 

With a comprehensive report detailing all of your donations and automatic transfers to your bank account, meeting your fundraising goals could not be easier. 



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