Purpose Driven

"Just imagine the buzz that your customers will begin to spread organically, when they find out that  their purchases at your business are making an incredible difference in their communities"  



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 Do you like positive PR?

Do you like other people spreading the word about you for FREE?

Do you like your clients and customers talking about their positive experience to everyone they know?


Most importantly, do you enjoy knowing that you are creating real and lasting change in the lives of the members of your community? 


We call this being PURPOSE DRIVEN, and if you have answered a HUGE ‘YES’, then take a look below and lets get started working together! 



1. Helping Communities. Every month, your project payment with ZedaPro, helps us provide our products and services to worthy causes all across the country. We help you put money you're already spending, to good use helping communities across the country!

2. Marketing Tools. We promote via our Blog about each and every ZedaPro customer, and in some cases organize promotional opportunities with our other clients.


3. Social Media blasts. We push these out for ZedaPro Partners, and many of the causes we give to at no additional cost. Pretty cool how we are all working together, huh?


4. Contest and Rewards ZedaPro runs contests throughout the year where our Certified Business and Cause customers can win free Services, Products, and Marketing. All for just working with us. (no extra effort required) Pretty cool isn't it?  


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