Welcome to Veritas Comics. We are a Michigan based Comic Company created in 2018. We are a creative group of makers with stories to tell. We are obsessed with developing and deep diving into characters and properties. We have developed our seminal character "The Grey Wolf" and his world with so much detail, we have comic series, graphic novels, and novels well into 2032 with new books and series every year, multiple times a year. Check out our website at  

What we did For Veritas Comics


Zeda Pro handles all the art and production for Veritas Comics.  We work hand in hand to keep everything consistent with all story arcs.


We manage everything for Veritas like website design, platform development, printed hard copies and capitol campaigns like Kickstarter.


We love comics at ZedaPro.  We love the so much that we jumped in at the ground level of Veritas Comics and help with Character development in characters like The Grey Wolf and word building inside the Grey Wolf Saga.

What is our Plan For Veritas Comics


We are planing on the continued growth of Veritas through out the next couple years.  We are in the early stages of developing a proprietary digital comics platform that is optimized for user experience.


Veritas already has an impressive catalog of stories that are planned out for release dates through 2025, so our job is to scale their marketing and distribution.


While we grow the business side of Veritas Comics, we also want to grow their roster of properties.  We will help them vet new ideas and determine the viability of new characters pre development.

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